Aerial Survey

We provide the most technologically advanced aerial survey photo, mapping, LiDAR data acquisition and digital aerial imagery services. We create accurate land topographic maps that can be used for planning engineering purposes including city, construction companies and municipal planning, as well as assessing environmental conditions


We are always implementing GIS techniques to provide a consistent product to our clients and make our field performance more efficient. We have an extensive amount of experience in successfully delivering data in multiple GIS format specifications.

Drone survey

LCS  allow stakeholders to receive high-definition low-altitude aerial maps delivered in a timely fashion in the form of updated Google Earth layers and ortho-mosaic maps. Our customers enjoy real-time, high-definition, actionable data, eliminating the need to spend their budget on expensive satellite imagery or wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results.


We have a highly skilled team that specializes in Topographic Surveys| Mining Surveys| Engineering Surveys| volumetric Surveys| Control Surveys| Gyro Surveys| Deformation & Monitoring Surveys.

Data Processing

Data Processing is an essential part of our day to day business model. Our team consists of staff members that have a clear understanding of all facets of Data Processing. We provide highly accurate LiDAR and Orthophoto Data Processing and training. We are also specialists in Stockpile Volume Calculations.

Detail Mapping

Our highly skilled team makes sure that we deliver the highest levels of 2D & 3D Detail Mapping and Accuracy available at all time .